ThePort’s Joanne Coe has been even busier during Lockdown!

Joanne Coe isn’t exactly an unsung hero – this hardworking mum has not just been spoken of in glowing terms around Littleport but was honoured with a civic award recognising all her good deeds for the youth of the village in those halcyon days before Covid and lockdown.

During this recent difficult time Joanne and her initiatives have continued to lift the spirits of the community in different ways.

Joanne said: “It’s been so important to support many young people and their families who’ve fallen on hard times, perhaps struggling with home schooling, or to shop for essentials, access entertainment or just in need of a good old moan about the new norm! And basically to help everyone to remain positive – no one is alone in feeling the pressure of having youths at home or indeed the youths finding it hard to be at home and not able to socialise as much with friends.

I appreciate many youths are out and about locally meeting friends and socialising more than most should and that’s an individual choice – I have been contacted by several to see if we can open but at this time it’s not possible using our current facility.

I am looking at alternative options so you have a safe place to socialise – however social distancing is a real issue and we need a bigger area. A youth cafe may be possible in the coming weeks.”

Joanne also has instituted an Essential Sue Box that contains personal toiletry requirements. She thanks all those who have generously donated to the scheme. If you need anything she says please send her a message on the Littleport Events Facebook page or text 07988477255.

Another initiative has been the ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ when around 100 presents of toys, books and sweets were placed around the village for children to find!

ThePort will be meeting up again as soon as regulations allow. So do check out their Facebook page for updates.

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