Littleport Bowls Club

Before the present day green was developed, bowling took place on tennis courts in Barkhams Lane and on the tennis court behind “Harpenden House” in Wellington Street. The club was formed in 1921; the treasurer/secretary at the time was Mr L A Bray. In 1927 1 rood of land was purchased for £50 and transformed into a bowling green where it remains today. A clubhouse was built in 1952/3 and a further piece of land purchased in 1964 for £200. 2 extra rinks were added making it 6 rinks playable either way.

Our membership consists of folk from all walks of life (walks being most apt as it’s unnecessary to run). Although the average members can hardly be described as spring chickens, some are mere youngsters. One proper youngster Ellen Faulkner acquired her bowling bug at Littleport, progressing through to represent her Country and become Commonwealth Champion.

Even though some of these ramblings are tongue in cheek, there is a more serious aspect to the game whereby even a “friendly” game is contested most vigorously albeit in a sporting manner. However after the game is concluded joviality is soon restored with a fortifying drink, the victors are then able to enjoy 5 minutes of bragging rights.

On a serious note the club has won county competitions in the past. In 2010 the club won 2 mixed county competitions and John Alexander and Eric Kemp won the county pairs competition. No small feat for a small club perched as it is in the wilderness on the eastern edge of the county.

Allow yourself to be transported to a balmy summer’s evening, playing on one of the finest greens in Cambridgeshire and enjoying intellectual conversation (usually about the weather). The faint click of your bowl touching the Cot and dreams of bowling glory, perhaps a National title or more realistically a top half finish in the Saturday night roll-up. Perhaps even more realistically yet another defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.

“The club is very friendly and successful, with the playing season starting on Sat 16th April, running through to Sat September 10th.”
During 2011 Littleport Bowls Club will celebrate its 90th anniversary and would like to welcome new members male, female and juniors (minimum age 12yrs) to play. The club is very friendly and successful, with the playing season starting on Sat 16th April, running through to Sat September 10th. Social events are arranged throughout the year (Bar B Q’s, Race and Quiz nights, Bingo etc.).

Fixtures are arranged for all classes (County, League, Friendly, Drives, Club KO competitions). If you are interested and would like to try please come along. Bowls and smooth soled shoes can be provided. The club is situated in Hempfield Place. For further information contact:

S. Rogers, Secretary 01353 861470
K Jackson, Committee 01353 860477
D Few, Captain 01353 861688

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