Littleport Parish Council Digest

A review of the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 20th January,17th February and 17th March 2014. Full minutes are available from the Parish Council Clerk and on the Shape your place website http:// The Parish Council sits on the third Monday of the month at 7:30pm at the Barn. All are welcome to attend.

District council

Jobs will be going at District Council at management level affecting 20 people which will see a saving of £400k per annum thus balancing the budget for 2014/2015. It is hoped the new structure of staffing will be more customer focussed when the new roles are defined. Some will be offered new roles at lower grades. There is a motion to reduce the number of District Councillors currently at 39. This will need Boundary Commission approval. The Chief Executive will look into the costs of a review. Having had discussions at District Council on staffing levels and structure currently undergoing a period of consultation some details have appeared in local media. Councillors were concerned that this consultation was going forward and the Parish Council as a stakeholder had not been consulted and therefore a letter would be sent to raise our concerns and a copy sent to CAPALC for circulation to other councils. Income from recycling credits is an unknown quantity and the District Council is likely to have negative budgets in the future when the £5million government grant runs out and vehicles etc. will require replacement.

Commemoration of Great War

It was agreed to award up to £1,000.00 Section 137 Grant to the Field Theatre Group for the weeks commemoration of the Great War. Further funding could be available.

Sandhill bridge junction – safety improvements

The Environment Agency has been asked by County Council to agree to changes involving the moving of litter bins, relocating of barriers to make traffic travelling on New River Bank more visible. it was agreed to look at imposing a speed limit on the road at the next round of Jointly Funded Minor Improvement Schemes in October/November.

Proposed new cemetery

Tt was minuted on 21st Ocotber 2013 that “A letter had been received from the agents seeking an increase in the price per acre of land at Horsley Hale. The Parish Council were bearing the cost of the Archaeological Dig and considered it a done deal on the land price. It was agreed it had been a gentleman’s agreement and the council should stick with £12,000 per acre. The Archaeological Dig report is available from the Office.” It was agreed to convene a Special Meeting to discuss the issue. The offer as detailed in the confidential minutes has been accepted.


The tree works were well advanced and due to the time constraints on carrying out the necessary works Rod’s Tree Services were instructed to carry out the works. A cheaper quote had been received but they could not carry out the work of reducing 9 yew trees and felling 4 others in the prescribed time scale.

Pharmacy at St George’s Medical Centre

It was approved as the Freeholders for the Landlords Bolt Asset Management to apply for planning permission to build a pharmacy on the Parsons Lane site.

Back Lane and Black Bank Drove

Environment Agency which owns these two tracks are surplus to their requirements. Councillor D I Ambrose Smith has been in touch with the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) looking for funding to create a safe cycle and walkway from the Station through to the rear of Meadow Court. A £1.3million grant has been applied for.

Disabled bay at Parsons Lane Primary School

A member of the public raised concerns about the loss of the safety barrier at one of the exits at Parsons Lane Primary School adjacent to the disabled parking bay. The exit has now been closed on safety issues thereby limiting the number of exit points from the school. The email correspondence regarding the site of the disabled bay at the school should be forwarded to the Headmaster of the school for his comments.

Surface water/drainage problems

A member of the public drew attention to the ditch at the rear of Upton Place was in danger of overflowing into the gardens. It was agreed to draw this matter to the attention of Canon Kirk, Sanctuary Housing and East Cambs District Council and also seek advice from the IDB. Only the Internal Drainage Board has responded to the Friars Nine drainage issue saying it is out of their area .

Transfer of the paddocks

Members agreed to the Transfer of the Paddocks to the Parish Council and for the land to be used as public open space.

Village Sign

Up lighters for the Village Sign have been vandalised. A quote for the specialist replacement light fittings alone exceeds £1500. Agreed to look for alternatives and check if the damage is covered by insurance.

Nominations – buildings of local interest

Members reiterated their earlier decision not to support this initiative as it was seen as another layer of planning bureaucracy which could impede on future planning applications.


Linda Watson has resigned as Editor of Littleport Life Magazine. Members unanimously agreed a letter of appreciation be sent to her for producing an outstanding Parish Magazine and wishing her well for the future.

The Parish Council is in line to receive a CIL grant of £10,800. It was agreed to invite Emma Grima to a special meeting next month to explain how the money can be spent.
Members approved the Section 137 grants to Littleport WI £200.00 and 1st Littleport Scout Group £1,000.00.

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