A Running Route for Littleport

You may have noticed some new circular distance marker signs around the streets. Good, because they mark out the new running route around Littleport starting and ending at the Leisure Centre.

You don’t need to book it, just turn up and see how you do around the 5 kilometre route. The route goes to Wisbech Road, Woodfen up to Parsons Lane, through Upton Place to Highfields and down Ely Road, Station Road, Ponts Hill, Silt Road and back to the Leisure Centre.

It all came out of the Littleport Health Action Plan. It was decided that a running route would be “A Good Thing” and with the help of Andy Rutterford and East Cambs District Council, the way markers are in place. ‘Littleport is Running’ wrist bands have been bought through Sigma and they are available to participants plus all the children who attend Littleport Community and Millfield Primary schools’ running clubs will get one too.

The advantage of a planned route means you can assess your times and you can of course time yourself walking the route if that’s a better option. Please note that people using the route are responsible for their own safety. All you need now is a pair of suitable shoes…

Adam Peacock and Rev’d Howard Robson

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