Fun Skating at Littleport Leisure Centre

Littleport Leisure Centre’s main hall was full of happy skating youngsters with their responsible adults seated along one side enjoying the spectacle, while at least three grown- ups wearing trainers held the hands of little roller skaters, helping them round the polished hardwood floor the day I visited writes Lyn Guest de Swarte.

This was a regular ‘Fun’ Saturday morning session with music that starts at 10 and finishes at 12 noon. Organiser and Coach Brian Paddington was off that day accompanying a squad of artistic skaters to a competition.

Although not at that event, a couple of youngsters were practising the kind of moves associated with that particular discipline. One wore a red sequinned dress and another a floaty green short outfit with tights, the former wearing a pair of inlines – the only ones in the hall. Everyone else just wore casual clothes. In teeshirt and jeans a young lad, Tom, was there with his mum Lisa, and he caught my eye as he whizzed round – looking like a speedskater in the making!

At 11 it was time for everyone who wanted to to join in with the skills games organised by Russ Place whose two boys, Louis and Bradley are keen skaters. In fact it was because he would take his sons, who were then 4 and 9 years old respectively, swimming in Ely, and decided to let them try roller skating afterwards while he had his workout in the gym that his interest in the sport began. Russ, who works as a caretaker for the Council, gave it a try himself at the ripe old age of 38 – and has never looked back.

Russ who now helps out when Brian is at competitions, is also keen on archery and cycling, and having become adept on a pair of roller skates is able to demonstrates the different drills that the skaters copy. They skate up and down, forwards and backwards with balancing exercises.

When Russ fell over during the demonstration he also demonstrated his good nature – as well as the fact that if you skate – you can fall over no matter how expert you are! This is a fantastic opportunity for all young people to experience the joy of skating in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

There are other roller skating sessions:
Mondays and Wednesdays 5.15pm – 7.15pm and Thursdays 4-5pm.

For more information on which session may be more suitable for you please call Brian Paddington on 01353 661885.

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