A Report from Your District Councillors

Now that the election is a distant memory the hard work now begins in earnest. Going forward we will be giving you a regular report on news from across the District, and in particular decisions and projects that directly affect our community.

The Littleport Station Gateway

We are extremely pleased to report that this project has been made a priority and we are pushing for a resolution to this.

The Littleport Schools

Planning approval was given by the ECDC Planning Committee on 30 June 2015 for the three new Schools and Leisure Centre on Camel Road. Details continue to be worked on, as this is a big project and is by no means straightforward, but the important thing is that Littleport children will once again be able to receive their secondary education within the community they live in.

Littleport Barclays Bank Closure

It was incredibly sad to be informed by Barclays of their intention to close our branch of the bank on Friday 9th October 2015. Following the receipt of this information, Stephen Barclay MP organised a meeting with two representatives from Barclays Bank, which three of the District Councillors attended. Stephen Barclay challenged the decision to close the bank on the basis that Littleport is a growing town which is receiving considerable investment, including three new schools, more housing and increased commuter services to King’s Lynn and London. It transpired that there are six other Barclays branches with similar usage in the region which will remain open. Since the meeting Stephen Barclay has written to the Secretary of State for Business and the acting CEO for Barclays Bank urging them to reconsider their decision. At a local level we have been speaking to as many customers as possible to ask them to make a formal complaint to Barclays.

A local bank is a huge plus point for Littleport and an important facility for many of the residents and businesses based within the Village. We are doing everything we can to get Barclays to reconsider their stance on this and would encourage personal, business and community account holders who have not yet contacted Barclays, to please submit a formal complaint and request that Barclays look at this matter again. Letters should be addressed to; FREEPOST Barclays, Customer Relations, Leicester LE87 2BB.

New Cinema Complex, Downham Road, Ely

Turnstone, the Developer for the new Multiplex Cinema Complex will be starting work this Autumn with a view to completing the project in late 2016. It will be fantastic for our local residents to have this new entertainment complex just a bus ride or 10 minute drive from the Village, with a six screen cinema and five new restaurants planned, the complex will also bring a number of new jobs to the area.

Ely Southern Bypass

Work is well underway on the provision of the new bypass with an agreement for funding now in place between East Cambs DC and the County Council. The bypass will link the A142 at Angel Drove to Stuntney Causeway. The proposed bypass will reduce the need for traffic to pass the railway station and will therefore reduce congestion, making it much quicker and safer for vehicles travelling from Littleport who exit onto the A142 from Queen Adelaide Way.

The Boundary Commission

The Boundary Commission are carrying out a consultation to determine how the boundaries should be drawn to ensure that people throughout the county and district have a more equal representation. Currently Littleport is split into two wards of unequal size, each ward having two district councillors. East Cambridgeshire District Council covers an area from Littleport in the north down to Cheveley & Bottisham in the south, over to Haddenham & Sutton in the west and Fordham & Isleham in the east, and excludes Newmarket. This area is split into numerous wards and returns 39 councillors. The proposals are for this area to be reduced to 28 councillors. Many of the wards would be altered so that each ward/community would represent approximately 2500 voters. The current proposals put forward are for Littleport to become one single ward with 3 district councillors. These changes, once agreed, will not come into force until the next district council election in 2019

District Councillor Contact Details:-

Littleport East

David Ambrose Smith. email: ambrosesmith@btconnect.com tel: 01353 861010
Jo Webber. email: jo.webber@outlook.com tel: 01353 862293

Littleport West

Christine Ambrose Smith. email: ambrosesmith@btconnect.com tel: 01353 861010
Paul Cox. email: pmcox@btconnect.com tel: 01353 860628

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