Technology in Music

Music has developed in many forms throughout the natural course of history but there are two main factors, which I think contribute to the development of music significantly. These two factors are the contributions of human culture and the never-ending development of technology.

The digital technology that is used in music production has revolutionised the way that music is created. It has also changed the way we consume music and the evolution of music or sound itself. Some people believe that musicians may not be needed any more due to the advances in music software. This point is very interesting and this quote links directly to this theory. “No matter how great we get with digital forms of instrumentation nothing really quite duplicates the real thing.” Michael Bolton.

I find it truly amazing when it comes to what you can do with an interface, a computer and some decent monitors in your own bedroom. The software we use to produce music has advanced in many different ways and quite often music can be programmed through midi in workstations known as daws, (Digital Audio Workstations). However, it still can’t replicate the feel of an actual person playing in my opinion. Production is a huge part of music for quite obvious reasons because it’s the creation of music itself. Production is not just the recording of music. A producer’s role can involve coaching the musicians and proposing ideas to the music. They can even be involved in the song writing itself in some cases. The technology used to create music has changed dramatically over the decades. Today we have advanced software, which has completely reinvented the way we produce and capture music.

The release of smartphones, radio and TV, simply means that we can access music anywhere at any time, not just music but media itself. Social media has most certainly benefited from the digital age of music. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are common ways for music consumers to share their musical experience. Music has always been seen as a cultural and social activity and it’s through social media that the flock of music consumers can instantly share this music with millions of other people through the power of technology. Social media strengthens the relationship between groups of people, fans and artists.

Before the 2000’s the technology we used to consume music was much different from the powerful technology we have today. Online services allow people to access and consume music at all times. Is this something that’s good or bad?

The music experience we literally have in our hands is much more diverse than any music we would have been able to experience in the 20th century music economy.

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