The WI Gets Cleaning

Littleport WI has been exceptionally busy these last few weeks, having organised and taken part in the cleaning and repainting of the Littleport Village sign.

The original sign was donated to the village in 1984 to commemorate the WI’s 75th anniversary and the new one installed in 2001. It was crafted in seasoned oak by sculptor Jeremy Turner and is extremely impressive – depicting many aspects of the history and life of Littleport.

However, it was looking a bit the worse for wear, so the WI to the rescue! After a thorough clean-up, artist and Littleport WI member, Miriam Farrell, has brought out the very best in a village sign to be proud of.

Literally a legendary village institution, the Littleport Women’s Institute hosts very lively and interesting evenings once a month on the second Tuesday at the village hall.


  • Well done, Miriam Farrell. The sign is looking good after your re-painting. How is the roundel on top doing? I repaired the cracks between the glued sections and it probably needed doing again. You could also treat the bare woodwork with clear waterproof acrylic varnish.

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