Littleport Leisure Centre Looking back at many New Years’ Eves!

Since we opened in 1994, we have held a New Year’s Eve party every year.

On two occasions we have held two events, one for families, and one for adults only.

During the life-span of this current Centre, approximately 6,000 people have partied in the new year somewhere within our building.

In 2,000 the Millennium celebration night had over 750 people partying until 4 am. It was a great evening organised by an efficient committee and a testament to the dedicated staff who mostly worked from 7pm until 6 am. While everyone was singing Auld Lang Syne, and watching the firework display, they tirelessly re-stocked the bars and washed the glasses, so customers were not kept waiting.

Other years saw a more modest affair with 180 to 220 people dancing the night away to the records played by the disco.

Due to popular demand, the DM Roadshow, hosted by Derek Timbers, played at many a New Year here, as have Elite11, Harbour Lights Roadshow, CD Roadshow and Shady Nights among others.

We also had our own in-house disco with David Murfitt hosting much fun and games for all to enjoy.

In the early years, we were frequented by many more families, so we arranged a supervised soft play and bouncy castle room – and supervised football in the main sports hall. Parents happily danced and socialised safe in the knowledge that their children were being well looked after and enjoying themselves within a safe environment.

We have tried parties with a buffet, party platters made to order or simply ordering food from the kitchen. Whatever choices we’ve offered, it has only pleased some of the people some of the time, and so this year for the first time ever, we are allowing guests to bring in their own feast/buffet/sarnies etc. I hope that people will bring a good selection, so I can go around, have a little chat with members and guests, and just maybe sample their wares!

This year as you know will be our last in this building. We have live music from that fantastic local music group the Off Beats as well as David Murfitt back on the decks for one last time.

Whatever you are doing on December 31st may I take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year 2017.

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