Local Kung Fu Club Gets Grading Success in 2016

Your local Kung Fu club ‘Hung Kuen Shaolin Kung Fu’ enjoyed great success at our grading held on Sunday 23rd of October at Littleport Leisure centre – writes Kaira Smith.

We promoted eleven students to the grade of first yellow belt, one to second green, one to first blue, and two to the senior level of second blue. The Littleport children did especially well and represented the village excellently in front of the head of our school Master Ang, who travelled all the way from Manchester to judge the grading.

We have been in the village of Littleport less than a year but have been overwhelmed with the enthusiasm of our students and their willingness to learn our unique martial art. Hung Kuen Five Animal Style is an ancient martial art with drills and techniques finely honed over hundreds of years, focussing on self-defence and fitness. Our sessions involve training in cardiovascular exercises, strengthening tendon, ligament and muscles, allied to speed, power, agility and flexibility.

We are a husband and wife partnership of instructors, and have been taught directly by Master Ang, 10th Degree Grandmaster, and Founder of Hung Kuen UK.

Our sights are now set on the annual Hung Kuen tournament and representing Cambridgeshire in sparring and forms. We welcome new students at any time, and train Thursdays at the YPL Performing Arts Centre, Littleport, children 5:30-6:30pm and adults 6:45-8:00pm.


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