Jo Cole’s Healthy Options!

Jo Cole moved into Littleport 26 years ago. You may have seen her, as she puts it, “pounding the pavements, or at my allotment” as she likes to keep fit.

And fitness is something that Jo takes very seriously.

After a bout of illness, she decided to amend her diet in order to consolidate her recovery, and so her own business, ‘Nourishing4U’ came into being.

Jo says, “The nourishing and fermented foods I began preparing to help myself had a major impact, so I wanted to give other people an opportunity to experience the benefit for themselves.”

Jo is just completing her nutrition and diet diploma, and explains, “I am preparing and now selling foods that are mainly pro and pre biotic. This is good for our gut, our microbiome. There is a little eco system that needs to keep healthy to aid our over-all immunity. About 75-80% of our immune system is located in our gut, and to keep it healthy we need to nourish it.”

Jo has a regular stall at the Adams Heritage Centre Indoor Market in Littleport’s Main Street, on the first Saturday of every month.

She has an email for enquiries:

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