Play up and play the game!

Littleport Town Cricket Club deserves support from the people of Littleport!

In a speech to his fellow Littleport Town Cricket Club members after a match when they had struggled to field a complete 1st X1 at the start of this season, Ishmeet Singh Arora, LTCC Secretary said:

“Well done to everybody today, specially Nik Marsh and Luiz Salgado who managed to get together a full team.

Luiz Salgado played a brilliant innings today and helped us getting to decent scores, despite which we lost out. But the atmosphere was brilliant among both the new team players and some of our old players of Littleport Town Cricket Club.

However, one thing that always strikes me is the enthusiasm for the game and the Club! And I believe people who are involved with our club all share the same passion.

We are a cricket club and this #LTCC brings us together, be it on the cricket field or outside of the club. We make good friends at cricket and we play as a team.

Personally, I have only been in the village for 3 years, but during these years I’ve met some fantastic people and was made Club Secretary of this 100 years and more old club.

Now, it’s the present generation who are working hard to keep the club running for generations to come, but as I see it, the future of our club, which you guys made so successful over the years, is somewhat of a concern. We get the same committed players every weekend, which is brilliant, but how long will they be able to keep it running without any support.

We can either fold and players are then free to go wherever they feel like and to play for any other club, or we come out strong with strong support and gathering better resources for this club.

I joined this club in 2014 and I would never think of moving away.

Even though I am from a different background, this club welcomed me; and I also know that some of you were born in this village and played cricket for this club since childhood.

Let’s not ruin the legacy of this club. And it’s mine now too since I’m a part of family, and let’s make it a big success.

Let’s try and work together for this season and upcoming seasons, and ensure it continues to be an important part of our lives and that of the life of the village.

For me, it’s #LTCC or no cricket…

Let’s work together for the better, and for the future of our club.
Just my 2 cents.”

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