Branching Out in Littleport!

“Branching Out is a local charity based in Littleport opposite Millfield School on Grange Lane. We support people with learning disabilities to lead active and fulfilling lives during the day time, and part of the way we do this is by doing what we can to help the local community,” writes Susan Wiggans General Manager of Branching Out.

“Did you know we have an apprenticeship scheme? We have recently taken on a new apprentice called Alice Bacon who lives locally in Prickwillow and is completing her Health and Social Care Level 2 while she is with us. She started a work placement with us earlier in the year and started her apprenticeship in June after deciding this is what she wanted to do. One of our apprentices from last year Kelsey Linney who is from Littleport has just accepted a full-time job at Branching Out after completing her Health and Social Care Level 2 alongside a huge amount of other training relevant to her role. Kelsey was also sponsored to do her apprenticeship with us by East Cambs District Council and is now on her first steps towards building a career in social care.

We are currently starting a new volunteers scheme where we will give people who want an introduction to working in social care some voluntary experience and some basic training. So that volunteers can see if it is something they are interested in and find out more about how to get into it as a career. To find out more about this contact us on 01353 863221 or via Facebook – just search for Branching Out Charity Volunteering.

For those of you who might be interested in volunteering in our charity shop in Littleport on the High Street, you can also contact us on those contact details, or ring the charity shop directly on 01353 863561. If you have recently retired and you are looking for something to do for a few hours a week to keep you busy and get to know people in the community, then volunteering in our shop may be just the ticket. You will be given a warm welcome by the team in the shop.

At the moment, we are also working on a new Safe Places Scheme in the village with several local shops and organisations already agreed to take part. In the next issue of the Littleport Life Magazine we will explain more about it and how it is going, but basically people with learning disabilities will be able to go into the organisations taking part and receive help if they are feeling unsafe when they are out and about in Littleport.

We recently bought a hospital grade treadmill to help the people we support to lead more active lives, giving them the confidence to be more physically active and flexible. This would not have been possible without the help of the people of Littleport who selected us as the charity they wanted to support with the Main Street Co-op’s Community Fund. We received £1,200 towards the cost of the treadmill, so thank you everyone.

We are currently raising money towards the cost of replacing some old wooden doors on our workshop. We need to raise about £20,000.00 to do this and we have been fortunate enough to have received support from the local community and businesses. If you have got an idea of how you can help us with fundraising for this contact us on 01353 863221 or via Facebook, just search for Branching Out Charity Volunteering.

I would like to finish by saying Littleport is a village with an active community with lots going on and lots of support out there. If you want to put your skills to use and get to know people there are various groups/organisations in the magazine that would love your help. Did you know the magazine needs volunteers to help with the deliveries and it’s a great excuse for a walk!”

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