Littleport Rotary Club — Update

September — Second Quarter — for the new President

We inducted a new member into the Club at a recent meeting. Our new member is Stuart Coleman from Witchford an IT engineer.

With all the natural disasters, Earthquakes without warning and Hurricanes with a bit of warning but leaving devastation in their paths.

For many years Littleport Rotary has been engaged in the distribution of Shelter Boxes to disaster zones around the world. We recently donated funds to finance additional boxes.

Rotarians throughout Great Britain and Ireland are always enthusiastic to raise funds to help to provide relief and safety in such circumstances and enjoy terrific support from members of the public too.

As its name suggests—a Shelter Box is a plastic container—survival kit that typically contains a tent, sleeping bags, water filtration kit, candles, rope, shovel, windup flashlight, cooking pans, and other essential tools and equipment, Thus providing shelter, warmth and comfort for a displaced family, of ten survivors.

Each fully-equipped Shelter Box costs £590, which includes the distribution costs needed to respond immediately to crises or disasters from one of their 21 locations around the world. This speed allows ShelterBox to deliver boxes where they are needed within 72 hours, and with over 10,000 boxes on hold.

In November a fun Social Evening & Quiz night complete with a fish and chip supper, was held at the Littleport Village Hall

If you want to have a chat about becoming involved in Rotary, call David Ambrose Smith on: 01353 861010 If you want to find out more about our Rotary Club. Take a look at our website:

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