Cathy Gibb-de Swarte takes a look at YPL

YPL is a well-established charity which has been going since 2007 and continues to provide a good service for the Littleport Community.

You will find them down Henry Crabb Road housed in an indoor area either busying themselves over yet another popular auction or regularly cooking a hearty meal plus preparing yummy food for anyone who visits their welcoming cafeteria courtesy of chef Dee Moffat.

The YPL premises also has an upstairs treasure trove for lovers of retro as well! In fact Dee runs her ‘Dee’s Delights’ upstairs, from what is called The Salvage & Trading Post. There you can find reasonably priced retro, shabby chic furniture, lamps and ornaments.

And recently joining the other stall holders is “Shabbi Ali”, alias Allison Wheeler, who runs another shop full of collectables down at a 2d Saxon Business Park next door to LG Car Sales (one of Littleport Life’s regular advertisers) both of which are doing very well sales wise.

Allison told Littleport Life about her recipe for success: “I think the key is variety… Not just sticking to one era or fashion, whilst keeping a firm focus on what’s right now.

In fact each piece on sale has a little bit of my personality mixed in, hence the name Shabbi Alli, which hopefully creates an interest and a little bit of passion for that special something. I like to think that Shabbi Alli leaves a little bit of sparkle wherever she goes.”

YPL does have another outlet which is much closer to home in Granby Street where the old Doctors Surgery used to be. YPL’s ‘The Tea Shop’ offers a children friendly space where parents can order a cooked meal, while their children safely play to their hearts content with all the toys which are made available to them. Their opening times are from 9 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday and everyone’s welcome to also browse around their second-hand wares where you might well pick up a bargain or two to your liking. YPL also encourages any children’s groups to use their Performing Arts Centre, for instance ThePort recently ran a successful Cinema session.

The ‘Wise Warrior Kung Fu’ group are already working out with evening summer sessions for children every Thursday from 6-8pm, and they’re now scheduling their winter programme for both children and adults. Fitness Instructor Dan Burling (DJB Fitness For Beginners & Winners) also uses the premises for his 1-2- 1 movement screening classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6 am which is becoming very popular too.

These premises are available to any children’s groups who can book up and hire by either contacting YPL by email: or telephone Phil: 07947 823 446 or 01353 864 611.

YPL organisers say: “We would welcome your ideas, but these will need to be supported by volunteers to run it. Please let us know what ideas/suggestions you have.”

Volunteering is always varied and rewarding especially round Littleport because it keeps you in touch with the community, and what is going on. Also, you have an impact on bringing back the community spirit while helping others.

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