Welcome to Littleport Life’s winter issue.

Although the weather might be cold outside, we hope you find warm words, interest and encouragement within our issue.

I would like to begin by saying a very big thank you to Lyn, who first introduced me to Littleport Life magazine. It has been a great pleasure to edit the magazine alongside her for the last six months or so, and to learn from her. As a former managing editor of, amongst other notable publications, Sports World International, she has such a wealth of experience that anyone working alongside her can only learn. And I have, although I have still much, much further to go! Lyn, in conjunction with others, launched the first versions of the magazine, about 20 years ago, in response to an advert placed by ACRE in the Ely newspaper and while she was still editor for Psychic News. Over the years, and along with others, she has helped to oversee the transformation of the magazine from a black and white newsletter style publication, into the fully-fledged, colourful magazine that we now have and that makes such a difference and adds so much to the community. For Lyn, and indeed everyone involved in the magazine, it is a labour of love and one which reflects the amazing diversity of life and experiences in the village. Littleport is truly an amazing place. We are all so glad that Lyn will be staying on as a consultant editor. Her experience, insight and expertise is definitely needed.

The production of the magazine is a team effort, without whom, the magazine would simply not be created. Thanks go to all the team, and to all on the Committee. The team also extends to all contributors to the magazine, to whom we would all like to pass on a huge thank-you. We all hope that it is their voices that can be heard throughout the magazine, giving it its unique flavour and without whom the magazine would be hugely diminished. Thank you!

We are always looking for new content, so, if you’d like to contribute, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We all hope that at the end of this year, all are able to find moments of calm and reflection upon the year about to pass, as well as a time to look forward, with hope, to the year about to be. We all hope that 2020 is a great year for you and for Littleport.

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