Peacock’s Meadow: a space in the community

Well, do we see spring peeping around the corner? I hope so.

We’re emerging from another winter. But just because nature has been in its winter sleep, it doesn’t follow that us gardeners have been idle. Gardens need TLC all year round.

At the coldest, darkest point of the year, we had a day of glorious sunshine for our community tree planting day. A fantastic band of volunteers turned out to plant seventy new hedging trees in Peacock’s Meadow. We were delighted to welcome them, especially as there were so many new and first-time visitors and volunteers among them. The new hedge will provide shelter and food for wildlife, and enrich the habitat in Peacock’s Meadow for years to come.

Climate change is high on the agenda these days. It’s a global problem, that needs a global solution. We may not be able to ‘change the world’ here in little old Littleport, but we can all do our bit, locally. We aim to create a ‘pocket sanctuary’ in Peacock’s Meadow: a sanctuary not just for wildlife, trees and plants, but just as importantly … for people. That means you and me, our children, our grandchildren, our young people, and ourselves.

Quite a number of people have said that they think of the garden as their own, ‘private secret garden’ and they derive great joy from its peaceful air of tranquillity. And that is so wonderful to hear. But Littleport is expanding. More new house building is scheduled, and our green spaces are becoming fewer. That’s why it is so important to conserve and treasure those that we have.

So, of course, we weren’t resting on our garden forks over the winter. We have further plans for this year, and beyond. We are applying for funding for further enrichment of the habitat.

The Littleport Crafters have created a stunning mosaic art work which will be installed later next year.

Peacock’s Meadow is Littleport’s only woodland garden. It is also the only green space managed and maintained by community volunteers.

We always need more helpers. If you would like to become involved in shaping the future of the garden, fund-raising or organising community events … we’d love to hear from you!

If that isn’t your thing, you can still get involved. We hold regular work parties throughout the year. All are welcome and we often have entire families getting ‘down and dirty’ with us.

It’s a great way to get some fresh air and exercise, and of course, to meet new friends. You can do as little or as much as suits you.

And you’ll have the satisfaction of helping to create a beautiful green space for future generations

To find out more about how you can get involved please contact:
Or send a message via the Peacocks Meadow Facebook page.

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