Littleport Women’s Institute – Still Going Strong Through the Recent Lockdown

Any group or organisation is as strong as its constituent parts – its individual members.

And Littleport WI has demonstrated that in a manner reminiscent of the old World War 2 spirit and its refusal to be down- hearted aftermath!

WI Secretary Ms Linda Whytock recounted just some of the huge efforts made by the members during what was for many a truly isolating experience. Not everyone had a significant other with whom they could hunker down or close family members with whom they might self-isolate.

But in true WI style the committee and membership forged a plan of action.

“Although meetings are usually held once a month, a virtual meeting for members was set up using the broadcast media app Zoom every Tuesday afternoon to discuss any business and have a virtual cup of tea and a social half hour with all who were able to participate.

There may be a speaker at one of the meetings in the Village Hall soon who will alk about how to access social media platforms for any still unconnected and refresh the knowledge of those who already use it to good advantage.

Then Brenda Bean who you will remember writing in the Spring issue of your Littleport Life told us about the making of many scrub sets for the NHS – for those working at Hinchingbrook Hospital for instance and lots of masks made for families, friends and neighbours.

And certain members volunteered to keep an eye on those who were more locked in due to issues with their health and age.

We will now through our Zoom meetings go forward looking at life out of lockdown and start preparing for our Littleport WI’s 100th Birthday 2020 when it is hoped we will be able to meet and celebrate.”

Again, harking back to modern communications, newsletters are being sent electronically to those ladies with emails. As Linda says, “Sadly not everyone has an email facility.”

And continues, “Brenda has been walking along the river bank and taking photos to share with us on social media. We had many interesting speakers booked for the coming year but alas our programme planner had to cancel so hopefully they will be back next year.

The older generation may well compare this lockdown with memories of the Second World War when people had to queue up for food and other goods that were in short supply, similar to what we experienced this year with the shortages that occurred due to panic buying.”

Finally Linda said, “When we come out of this there will be a warm welcome for all the ladies in Littleport who would like to come along and meet us.”

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