Littleport’s Independent Food Bank Carries On Regardless

Due to the circumstances we have all been living in we have been busier than ever at food bank. Many people have had the rug pulled from beneath their feet. The church building was closed for many weeks and so we began delivering to people’s homes and also collecting donations. Leaving and collecting from their doorsteps.

The community has been extremely generous. Deliveries being made once every two weeks unless there has been an emergency – usually dealt with on that day.


In July, Littleport Independent Foodbank will have been operating for 4 years.

We have witnessed many sad stories and also many acts of kindness.

Support From Prison!

We are always touched that the men from Whitemoor Prison donate to us and we thank them all for their kindness.

Because of the Covid-19 restrictions we were not able to join them as we usually do at their Sunday morning services. We have been told by one of the pastors that they always asked him about us.

Please Use Us!

Now many people feel embarrassed about needing our services, but no one should feel like this.

One thing this horrid virus has taught us is that our circumstances can change quickly.

Many people in low paid but extremely worthwhile jobs do not earn high enough salaries to allow them to save for a rainy day that the C19 crisis pre-empted.

Our many thanks to the people who help us to help others.

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