Ex-Serivces or Civilians who Support the Aims of the Royal British Legion are Welcome to Join Us!

I begin this issue with a plea to any retired service persons living in Littleport. If you are not a member of the Royal British Legion please consider joining! The Littleport branch is running low on numbers and it would be a sad thing if next year, our 100th year as a branch, we had to consider closing down or amalgamating with another branch. This branch has a proud history and the present committee want that to continue in the future. We realise that as a branch we have little to offer members but that is our ‘Catch 22’ situation. If you do not have sufficient members it is difficult to offer entertainment. If you do not offer entertainment and trips out then it is difficult to attract members. Please help us break this vicious cycle and become a member. It doesn’t matter which service you were in, nor how long you served, all are welcome; we will even accept civilians who support the aims of the Royal British Legion. If you are going to join please send your contact details to the parish clerk at The Barn for forwarding to me.

Further topics this time involve this years Remembrance Sunday service. If Covid 19 regulations are still in place in November we will have to reconsider the manner of the service. Please do not be surprised if the decision is taken to have an outdoor only service. Under present conditions we cannot allow the usual 400+ congregation in St George’s church. But we will have a service rest assured.

In addition the Poppy Appeal news we are receiving is that the Appeal will be seriously restricted this year. We are still waiting for full details but I have to produce this article before I have the full details. As far as I know wreaths will be available as per usual, the schools will have school packs, and I hope that poppies and collecting boxes will be in suoermarkets; but this is supposition at this time. There is a belief that street collections, house to house collections and most shop collections will be curtailed this year. This means you may have to look harder for you poppy but please look the Poppy Appeal needs your support more than ever.

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