Food Bank – Reports to our Community

We have been busy delivering food parcels and collecting donations.

The generosity of the community is amazing. If it were not for that support to us at Littleport’s independent food bank we would not be able to provide for all the extra people who we are now supporting.

We have not been able to work from our usual base in St George’s church but are hopeful for the future. We miss working out of the beautiful building and we know many of the people who came in for food would often sit quietly and on occasion ask if the vicar would come and say a prayer with them. We have missed sitting in the vestry chatting to one another and to the people who donate, and those who need food. Thanks to modern technology we were, and are, still able to chat to those who need our support. Being able to stay in contact is very important. And of course lack of food is not the only problem people are having to cope with .

Pets are not forgotten either. We have one donor who provides nearly all the food we give out to cats and dogs!

We were not able to visit Whitemoor Prison since lockdown but they did not forget us. One of the chaplains brought their donations over to us.

We look forward to visiting the prison again and joining in their Sunday service – and to say thank you for their kindness.

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