Return to Scouting

1st Littleport Scout Group leaders and members of the executive committee have been busy preparing for the return of face-to-face Scouting in the autumn. This has involved following the guidance issued by the Scout Association, which is based on the National Youth Agency Guidelines; ensuring risk assessments are completed and approved; and that plans are in place to reintroduce Scouting activities.

“We are keeping everything crossed for returning in September, we have all been missing our young people and everything Scouting offers,” says Group Scout Leader, Julie Double. “Of course, there may be slightly different routines and activities, but we will communicate these to parents and children nearer the time to ensure a safe and enjoyable start for all.”

Obviously, some of the activities Scouting is famous for, such as overnight hikes and camps, cannot resume immediately, but the leaders have plenty of ingenious ideas to make it fun, keep on with badge work, and reach out to the community.

“Things we have been looking forward include a pantomime trip, Christmas carolling and a joint visit with some of Littleport’s more senior residents so our children can learn what it was like when they were the same age,” says Julie. “We can’t wait to see all our Scouts again and give out the well-deserved badges that they have been earning during lockdown.”

New members are always welcome! If your young person would like to join in, please drop Julie an email at

Beavers (aged 6-8)

Tuesdays 6-7.15pm
Fridays 6–7.15pm

Cubs (aged 8-10½)

Tuesdays 6.45pm-8pm
Wednesdays 6.30pm-8pm

Scouts (aged 10½ – 14)

Tuesdays 7.30pm-9pm
Wednesdays 7.30pm-9.15pm

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