Littleport Life Blows the Trumpet for Littleport Brass Band!

Littleport Brass is looking forward to the time when they can get back to doing what they like best – giving concerts to an always appreciative public! And to taking part in the various contests that are usually held around Britain!

This has been put on hold of necessity and as spokesperson and Chair of the band’s committee Sue Peacock says, “Sadly, we still have no idea as to what will happen regarding Christmas. As it stands we have now had a November concert cancelled and have no idea about December engagements. Unfortunately, until we have the go ahead to start rehearsing safely, we are unable to speculate as to when we may be able to perform safely to the public.”

The determined and talented Littleport Brass musicians and their MD, Maestro Ian Knapton, are doing all they can to maintain their musical standard over the internet until they can once again all make their wonderful kind of music together in the band room behind the Littleport Ex-Servicemen’s Club on Ponts Hill.

Sue explains that “It will be some time before we can give a concert at a public venue, but plans are well-on to put a concert online. Our 3 social distancing videos have been viewed/listened to over 15,000 times!”

You can find them on the YouTube Littleport Brass channel entitled Endurance, Liberty Bell and the amazing Coe Fen! There is another in preparation and there are other videos to enjoy made at actual concerts prior to the lockdown.

As for that important social camaraderie all teams enjoy, they have had weekly gettogethers on Zoom holding quizzes – and one was hosted by the band’s youngest member, 13-year-old Dexter Speed!

Now Dexter Speed is with the National Children’s Brass Band of Britain 2020 and appears in the National Youth at Home Grand Finale YouTube video playing the horn. Their website is if you would like more information.

Dexter’s parents must be delighted that their son is following the family tradition playing Tenor Horn and 1st Horn for the band. Dad Paul plays 2nd Euphonium with Littleport, and Mum Sophie plays Baritone for Dereham where her sister also plays percussion – although Sophie does help out with her excellent Baritone when needed for Littleport Brass.

President of Littleport Brass William (Bill) Sharpe has served the band as an accomplished musician for many decades and now in retirement, and says he is “very impressed with the determination to carry on and I look forward to the time when we can enjoy a concert or enter a contest once again.”

Littleport Life and the community it serves is also looking forward to that first concert.

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