Geoff’s On the Road Again!

Local retired builder from Littleport Geoff Cross has just got his latest car building and customising project on the road. Geoff was born and bred in Littleport and although having moved and living for many years at Queen Adelaide, he returned home to his roots in 2015.Geoff has spent 3 years of hobby time to take the Tiger Avon from rolling shell to a complete road registered vehicle that he has named Little Red. Geoff would like to thank his daughter’s partner Kieran Hughes for his input along with Sam Ellerton, owner of Burt’s Motorsport, Littleport.
Geoff has always had hobby projects on the go. These started with Minis in the 70’s to a customised build of a BMC 1300 which was completed in 1975. Along with this came a GP Beach Buggy that he says was great fun. At this stage Geoff decided to get into boat building as a career which gave him the opportunity to build a ‘Stingray’ speedboat that launched many years of water skiing for him, his family and friends. He also completed an early Bedford Campervan project. After this period, Geoff moved to general building and property improvement services locally. This required a van which of course had to be customised too, and different vans followed to keep up to date, all having that special look.
Next to come along was the classic era with the complete refurbishment of a 1970 Reliant Scimitar GTE sports in vivid yellow. Run by Geoff for many years and now owned by Geoff’s brother John in the village, not content with just doing this at the time, Geoff took on his 1st kit care project, a ‘Pastiche Henley’ in the style of an MG Roadster of the 50’s period. Again this was run for many years of fun driving. So we move forward to today when Geoff still runs a custom van along with his newest project, the amazing Little Red.

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