Summers here in Peacock’s Meadow

And summer is certainly here in Peacocks Meadow community garden. A great deal of work has been going on over the winter and spring. And as we step out into the sunshine again after a difficult winter, the committee are aware of the great need to get our children out and active again. We have received funding from the Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s Youth and Community Fund, to create a gorgeous sensory garden area. This is for all our visitors but especially for our learning-disabled children and adults. A large area has also been cleared to create children’s dens. We are applying for more funding to install items that build confidence and exploration of the natural environment in our young residents.
We are indebted (as ever!) to Joanne and Andy Coe, and ThePORT Youth Club members who have worked tirelessly to enhance the garden with delightful new additions. ThePORT’s Easter event attracted over 240 visitors, all socially-distanced, with sanitiser and all Covid-control measures in place. We would like to thank Littleport Parish Council for their on-going support of the development of the garden.

Sensory enjoyment section of the Meadow

We would like to thank all the many residents who have put their own lovely decorations in the trees, and who have donated plants, materials and other items for the garden.
And of course, we’d like to thank our many visitors, who respect the garden and help us to look after it.
We are delighted that so many residents have taken this lovely green space to their hearts, and who tell us that it feels ‘safe and welcoming’ to visitors of all ages and abilities. Well, we couldn’t have done it without YOU …. the lovely people of Littleport. A warm welcome awaits you in … Littleport’s Secret Garden.

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