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It has been a while since our last update but during all of this time it has been business as usual dealing with an array of emergencies, leading to a very busy year so far. During this year we have had a couple of changes to our crew which has now given us vacancies to fill.

Want to be an on call firefighter?

In order to apply you must live or work within 5 minutes of your local fire station. We are currently looking for people who can be on call during the daytime, anytime between 08.00 and 18.00 most days of the week.

You would be joining a team of ordinary people doing an extraordinary job for their community. If you are up for the challenge and the extra income that comes with it call us on 01480 444 500 to request an application pack.

To find out more, go to our website

Winter Weather Driving Tips

With the arrival of the winter weather we attend many more road collisions. Many drivers get caught out with the arrival of frost, fog and snow. Driving safely with regard to the road conditions is a must. Visibility is also greatly reduced with the short days so please allow more time for your journey and ensure all windows and lights are clean and working.

Team Award

At the end of last year the team here at Littleport attended Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescues awards evening after winning the Services Team Award for the stations outstanding commitment in working together to maintain fire cover and serving the community as firefighters. This was achieved through the dedication and commitment of every firefighter on our station who when required went the extra mile to work together, not forgetting their families who also make a commitment by being supportive and understanding.


We will be holding our Christmas Bingo again this year on Tuesday 22 December in the village hall. All of the proceeds go the Firefighters Charity and all of the prizes have been very kindly donated, for which we are ever grateful and thankful. Please come along and enjoy the fun.

Just a few Recent incidents

Crews attended an incident involving a Tractor and trailer which had overturned. The driver had sustained a number of injuries from this large heavy vehicle and required freeing from his cab. Crews used specialist lifting and cutting equipment during this challenging incident to release the driver. Following the completion of this incident the crew had no time to rest as they were immediately mobilised to another road collision involving a car which had collided with a tree. The crew again used the cutting equipment to free the injured driver.

A call for help reporting a person in difficulty in the river saw our crew use our water rescue equipment. The person had fallen into the water and was unable to get to the side or get out due to reeds and other debris. The crew managed to bring the person to safety. Apart from being cold the person had no other injuries.

A frantic rescue attempt played out in Norfolk following a call to a car which had crashed into a river trapping the driver. The crew worked in extremely difficult and demanding conditions in the cold muddy water to free the person from the upturned vehicle. Resuscitation was carried out before the arrival of Air ambulance to give them the best chance of survival but unfortunately they died later in hospital.

A chip pan set fire to the kitchen of a house in Ely when the occupier became distracted for just a few moments. They sustained minor injuries whilst trying to tackle the blaze. Crews from Littleport and Ely wore breathing apparatus and used hosereels to extinguish the flames. The kitchen was extensively damaged.

NEVER leave any cooking unattended even for a short while. Should it catch fire remove the heat, get out of the property and call the fire service. Go and test your SMOKE ALARM now, it may just save your life!!

May we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all the staff here at the fire station who will be working on call throughout the festive season.
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