From the Brink of Closure

One day, twelve months ago, I spoke with the manager of the Littleport Leisure & Community Centre, Andy Rutterford, and warned him that unless we were prepared to make a few changes, the Centre would have to close that afternoon.

I have witnessed, during the last year, the hard work, dedication and real passion for the Leisure Centre, by the staff. A never ending stream of volunteers are gradually helping to turn our primary community facility around into a profitable business. It is becoming a place where members and customers want to be. Attendance numbers are climbing and we are receiving encouraging feedback from the users of the Centre.

Ok, the carpets are worn, the showers need an overhaul, lights need replacing, the catering facilities are no more than a domestic kitchen, the list goes on, and I have not started on the condition of the building itself.

What luck we have had, to be included in the new £34m Schools Campus Project! We can look forward to moving into a brand new Leisure & Community Centre building, financed and equipped by our County Council. Our Parish Council are to reassign the new 130 year lease to the current Leisure Centre & Community Trustees, as custodians of the new centre, fields and the brand new six acre amenity field.

There will be further managed changes taking place over the next few months in preparation for the move into the new Centre in January 2018. Staff and volunteers cannot be expected to fire fight indefinably.

Change is constant and we must continue to react quickly to new ideas, keep our programme fresh and offer attractive activities and amenities, while making sure that we have a sustainable business. I’m proud to be part of the current Littleport Leisure & Community Centre, but I would like to pay tribute to all of the people who have been involved over the years.

David Ambrose Smith
Chairman of Trustees
Littleport Leisure and Community Centre

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