Neighbourhood Watch Update


FREE – Street Signs

To establish a Neighbourhood Watch scheme is very easy and normally there is just one cost involved; that of providing the street signs that usually are placed on convenient lampposts.

For most schemes two signs are required at the cost of £12 each. Littleport Parish Council has kindly donated money so that residents within the Parish of Littleport can establish a scheme without this additional cost. Although the funds are expected to last for some months, it is however a case of ‘first come first served’ and thus it would be wise ‘not to put off until tomorrow what can be done today’.

It is of course an established fact that neighbourhood watch helps to reduce crime in a locality and it is for this reason that most insurance companies provide a discount on household premiums – so what have you got to lose!

For more information contact the secretary, Kevin Evans, on 01353 614892 or

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