The History of Peacock’s Meadow

Back in November, a second meeting was convened to discuss ways to go forward with the regeneration of the land at the back of Parsons Lane and Limes Close that belongs to the Sanctuary Housing Association. Sanctuary were looking at building more houses some years ago but decided against it, thus leaving this land as nature intended. A grant was made to enable some fruit trees to be planted but with access becoming difficult for human beings, the space developed itself into a haven for wild-life and plants.

More recently some residents of Littleport brought the existence of this natural haven to the notice of their neighbours and instigated a move in the village to facilitate its continuation as a green space where all can enjoy this pleasant environment. It was also mooted at the first meeting that the space could be named the ‘Woodland Garden’ A committee has now been set up to ensure that the gardens are going to be looked after, and promoted so that everyone in the village is aware of this newly accessible amenity, not just those with access to the internet! This new amenity first saw light of day through questions asked about this piece of land, and access to it, of their fellow Littleportians on the Littleport Notice Board Facebook page.

There is now another page called Living in Littleport. The chair Deborah Curtis-Watson has now set up a Peacock’s Meadow Facebook page so that the community can take part in offering ideas for the gardens. Some of the first planned activities will of course be a litter pick. The committee’s aim is for the garden to be a well-used area for residents to appreciate the wildlife and flora, and Sanctuary have promised to put up signs at the entrance in Limes Close and also along Parsons Lane showing how to find the gardens. Sanctuary have also promised to put a gate up in the Limes Close entrance which it proposes to have locked at dusk.

Susan Green

Local campaigners have won a victory for people power

writes Deborah Curtis-Watson

The previously unsigned and neglected community woodland garden behind Parson’s Lane now has a new sign to promote use of the space. The garden even has a new name, A poll of local residents has come up with the delightful name of Peacock’s Meadow. This is in recognition of the fact that the Peacock family originally donated the land as allotments for local residents. These allotments were in use for many decades. A committee has been formed to ensure future protection of the site. Further improvements to the site are planned. Meanwhile residents are invited to use and enjoy this lovely space.

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