The Port From My Point Of View!

When I first joined The Port in 2016 I never thought that it would be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made writes member Chelsea Hirst.

I never knew that I would make as many friends at this youth club as I have, and I’m still friends with most of these amazing people. And I wouldn’t want any other person to run it other than Jo. She and her staff are the most fun-loving and caring group of people you could ever meet, and stark raving bonkers, who else would want to put up with half the youths of Littleport – and in their own time as well.

Jo and her colleagues worked hard last year to make the transition from one venue to another as smooth as possible. Lindsay is also one of the people that work alongside Jo.

The Port offer us a lot of activities over the half term such as: Bingo, arts and crafts, discos, yarn bombing, dinners, and fun days out to all sorts of different places.

We also did a graffiti job in association with the council and the police down at the old public toilets at the bottom of Millpit Furlong.

Jo and Lindsay prioritise our safety as well as the other staff. My experience at The Port youth club has been amazing!

I go every week and enjoy socialising with friends that don’t go to my school anymore. It’s held at the Littleport Ex-servicemen’s Club from 5-6.30pm Mondays. Entry costs just £1 and if you can make it, please do, because you will love it just as much as I do.

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