The MS Society and Littleport Leisure

Since starting the MS Society exercise class at Littleport Leisure 12 months ago, the number of people registered to join us has grown to 16.

The session starts with chair-based exercises and progresses to using equipment such as motomed machines, balance bars, boxing gloves and with the help of volunteers Mike and Pauline together with our instructor Adam, we assist people that use wheelchairs and walking aids on to spin bikes, something that they would never have thought they’d do!

We usually all then adjourn to the café afterwards to put back the calories that have been burnt off…

The staff at Littleport Leisure together with the local community support our group really well. And we have organised ceramic tile workshops for the disabled, taken part in quiz nights and been the recipient of the bowls club charity days.

Cathy Gibb-de Swarte and Ann Schofield are currently raising a team to take part for us in the 10k run on July 28th.

This support means a great deal to us so we are very happy to organise the first MS Society Motorcycle Show as part of the Littleport Leisure Open Day on June 22nd where the Harley Davidson group, Fastec Racing and the Spinney Abbey Monk & Disorderly Cider are all supporting us! So bring the family down for a fun day out.

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