Saying Cheerio to the editor’s seat at Littleport Life!

As the saying goes ‘all good things must come to an end’ and so it is for me as I pass the editor’s seat over to my erstwhile deputy editor David Barker.

I have greatly enjoyed my time serving my adopted village over the last few years, but with increasing age thought it best to give way to a younger, much younger, more energetic incumbent.

I have met some wonderful people who do a lot for the community – and I’m not just saying that because they put their groups and organisations’ contributions in on time every quarter, as well as the individual members of those, and a great many of our readers in general who are also busy but never so busy that they don’t have time to say a sociable hello or have a chat when they see me out and about. Then there is the veritable army of community spirited people (children included) who deliver each finished magazine to every home in this ever-expanding village.

Our many advertisers whose good-will and money keeps the magazine printed have been a pleasure to deal with and even on the odd occasions that there’s been a blip – a digit fallen off their phone number on the page or a mis-spelling or even left out when they expected to be in – all has ever been forgiven, and they know that they are always assured of our continued collective best efforts on their behalf.

Notice I talk about I and my when all is well, and our and ours when it isn’t quite…

I am staying on as a consultant editor – which was how I kind of started, just helping out the then editor, the legendary Linda Watson, on an informal basis.

I am happy to be continuing on the Littleport Life Magazine Committee and would mention that we are always looking for more people to come on board to put in their twopenn’orth at our interesting meetings that are held a couple of times in every 3 months.

I hope you enjoy this Winter 2019 issue, the last one with me as its editor, and I know you will support new editor David in his endeavours to bring you your first Littleport Life Spring edition of 2020.

Check out the copy deadline for contributions and advertisers – no excuses now, don’t make David chase you!

I wish you the very best for Christmas and the New Year, and for whatever festival of light you celebrate.

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