Littleport’s Food Bank is Fantastic!

Susan Green one of the indefatigable founders and voluntary workers for the community at Littleport’s independent food bank has given us an update.

Susan writes: “I am writing this just after the second lockdown has been announced. Sadly this means we will be having more people needing our help. Since the first lockdown our numbers have nearly doubled. Thankfully we live in a caring community who support us so helping their fellow Littleport residents. Without their generosity it would be very hard to do what we do.

This week has been half term and AAA motorcycle training have provided us with the meals left over from the ones they were cooking for children in the village. It has been a pleasure to see the faces of many of our people when they are presented with a home cooked meal. Some do not have the gas or electric which is needed to cook a meal… This seems unbelievable in our time doesn’t it? But sadly it is true.

We will continue to deliver to people’s doorsteps and no doubt this will continue for quite a while. For some of our people who live on their own and some who have difficult personal problems we are most probably the only person they will speak to face to face whilst lockdown is on.

Many agencies are just making contact via the phone. So we are not just delivering food, we hope we are letting people know that we care about them.

Thank you to everyone who supports us. We are truly grateful”.

Both Co-ops have donation boxes or text: 07766111080 or 07999841326 we will be happy to collect.

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