Littleport Community Primary School

A Message from Headteacher Adam Rivett

Since the last issue of Littleport Life, we have welcomed back the whole school from a national lockdown and the classrooms are once again alive with learning! A balloon arch full of rainbow colours welcomed families back and certainly helped to put a smile on the faces of some anxious families. Talking of smiles on faces, we also celebrated Red Nose Day and the theme of ‘superheroes’ gave us the perfect excuse to honour our national heroes, including the NHS and Captain Sir Tom Moore.
At our recent INSET day, we took the opportunity to take stock of where we are on our journey of improvement as a whole school. It was important for us to reflect on the work that has already been undertaken; the work that had been started and impacted by COVID; and the work that was yet to be implemented. With the disruption of lockdowns and the challenges still to face ahead of us, now felt like the perfect time to review our visions and values as we move forward ‘post COVID’.

Our Future Curriculum – Mr Clark, Deputy Headteacher

We are always looking to develop our curriculum here at LCPS. This summer term our Year 3s and 4s have been trialling a new humanities curriculum called Opening Worlds (history, geography and RE) which seeks to provide children with a rich understanding of the subjects but also make clear the links between them. This curriculum was originally designed with Haringey schools in London and we are really excited to have the opportunity to join them. This term, we have been travelling back to ancient Egypt; discovering knowledge about rivers; and, enjoying learning about Rama and Sita as an introduction to Hinduism. All of these areas of study have rivers at the heart of them (the river Nile and the river Indus) and we have loved seeing the children make these links while also enjoying the things that make each subject area special. We are really looking forward to taking the children on the next stage of this journey after half term (we’re off to the mountains and ancient Mesopotamia!) and into the autumn when we roll this curriculum out more widely across Key Stage 2.

Reading at LCPS – Ms McLeish, English and Year 1 and 2 Leader

At Littleport Community Primary School, we are really keen to encourage a love of reading. At the end of the last academic year, many of our parents and staff kindly donated money to help us buy new books for our school library. We believe that it is really important for children to read books written by or featuring characters from a diverse range of backgrounds. With the donations made by parents, staff and PTFA, we have been able to buy a broad range of books, which we are very excited to share with the children. We were also able to use commission from previous book fairs to add some lovely new books to our home reading selection for younger children. Books are so important to us that we even had a special competition to design a potato to look like our favourite book character for World Book Day! Check out our efforts…As the children have returned, they have become familiar again with school routines. Our new assessment system has helped staff to identify gaps in learning that are being addressed through targeted interventions. We also have year groups who are trialling our new Opening Worlds curriculum, which we have already seen is going to have a positive impact on writing standards across the school. Key leaders across the school also met recently to discuss the outdoor provision and we have big plans to engage more with the local community as COVID restrictions ease. It is an exciting time to be part of Littleport Community Primary School!
Stay safe

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