Final figure in for our Poppy Appeal 2016

What a wonderful year! My final year, writes Garth McGowen.

During the Remembrance period 2017 I received the final figure for the Poppy Appeal of 2016; our financial and collection period being from 1 October to 30 September. For 2016 the final total came to £10,779.34 which was, by far, the best total ever achieved in Littleport.

The first full year in which I was Poppy Appeal Organiser was 2003 and the appeal raised £4697.51, prior to 2016 our best total was £8761.57 so the 2016 figure was well beyond anything I could have hoped for.

All of this is due to two factors, the generosity of the people of Littleport, and the hard work of my team of collectors. Without both the total could have been much lower.

So my heartfelt thanks to all the people, over the years, who have helped as collectors, and all those who have donated so generously.

Sadly, for me, this will be my final year as Poppy Appeal Organiser. Poor health and age are beginning to get to me. I have to reduce some of the work I do if I’m to continue to be of help to the Royal British Legion.

I will be seen during Remembrance selling poppies and I’m hoping to continue as Parade Marshal, so that I can continue to shout at people on parade, but the organisation of the Poppy Appeal needs to be done by a younger, fitter, person.

At the time of writing the position has not been filled. Mind you if anyone out there feels like stepping up, joining the branch, and offering help we will gladly look at any applicants, so do not be shy.

Once again, many thanks to all my helpers, and please give my successor all the support you can. He or she will need it.

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