Millfield School

Christmas now seems a long time ago, however, as always in school, it was lovely… if very busy! Particularly memorable were the reception nativity, our carol service at St George’s and out singers who visit residents at The Grange every year to sing carols.

Since my last piece for Littleport Life children at school have been fortunate to take part in a number of sporting and enrichment activities that bring the curriculum to life and make it even more meaningful.

Our Reception children had their first school trip to the pantomime at the Maltings in Ely. Our KS1 children, from Years 1 and 2, visited the Cambridge Science Museum to learn more about inventions and materials. Years 3 and 4 travelled by train to visit the Botanical Gardens in Cambridge; when I talk to other headteachers about the act that out children use the train if possible whenever we go to Cambridge, they are amazed! My question is ‘why wouldn’t we?’; it is generally good value and provides a great opportunity to a life skill! Year 5 were invited to the Safety Zone activity at Elt Fire Station which is always an exciting and invaluable experience, learning about fire safety, water safety etc. Our reception visited the panto for their first school trip and finally, Years 5 and 6 studied life cycles and animal handling at Shepreth Wildlife Path.

As always with trips, I must extend my thanks to those parents and grandparents who are able to help – this is invaluable.

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