Millfield School

In my 8 years as Headteacher at Millfield, the Highfields housing development has always been ‘in progress’ – sometimes there has been lots of building activity and at other times, the building sector has been going through quieter times. In the last few months it feels as though, all of a sudden, the Highfields development is nearing its completion. How true this actually is, I don’t know, but certainly houses have been springing up on the Grange Lane side of the development. As many of you will know, Millfield was expanded only a few years ago to accommodate the increasing numbers of children who will live locally. We have been in the luxurious position since then of having spare classrooms but this year we have had many more children joining the school mid-year than ever before and for some year groups there is a waiting list. From September we will be having an additional 2 classes to take the extra children so our spare classrooms are gradually filling up!

For the last couple of years, our music curriculum has been developing and we have been working closely with Cambridgeshire Music to increase the opportunities for our children to learn musical instruments free of charge. Our Y3 and Y4 children learn recorder, our Y5 learn ukulele and Y6 children have had the opportunity to learn trumpet or baritone horn. It’s really wonderful to see children playing instruments together! A Y5 class entered a competition open to all schools in Cambridgeshire to compose and perform their own song. Our children were successful in being chosen with 8 others to perform their song in a celebration event at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge.

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