In 2022 Littleport Women’s Institute will be 100

Long-standing WI Member Ann White gives us a resume of their activities. And she says “It’s not all jam and Jerusalem.”

Looking back over the years, fashion has changed and ways of communication have developed to emails and zoom meetings, but the same principles remain. No politics, no religion, just friendship.

Littleport WI was busy in the war time as were other WI’s throughout the country. We knitted socks and balaclavas to be sent to our service personnel. 400 eggs were delivered to Addenbrooke’s Hospital every week and food was sent to the then RAF hospital, Ely.

We take part in the parade on Remembrance Sunday and lay our wreath. The WI federation has had a large seat built in the National Memorial Arboretum near Litchfield. The village sign was donated by our WI.

For many years we had our tea garden on the local Show Day. Hard work but we enjoyed it. Also we have catered for special events.

Several of our members formed a concert party and performed shows round the villages. They were very popular.

Over the years we have been 10 pin bowling, enjoyed games night, jigsaw mornings, fish and chip suppers, strawberry teas, and our popular Barn Dances. We have had coach trips to TV shows and theatres and watched chocolate being made. We have also had tours of The Houses of Parliament, the Van Daal Shoe Factory, the local Mushroom Farm and Turners of Soham. To name just a few of our many outings and events.

Our speakers have ranged from the local couple, who string rackets for the tennis stars, demos on flower, cookery and craft. Talks by a personal shopper, building the Ely Cathedral, a Security Guard for the Queen, some on history, hat making, the local company JDR Cables Systems told us what happens to their cables, making a Punch and Judy Show and Fiona and her Bongo Drums.

Next year a couple of our speakers will be on bomb disposal and Tai Chi.

As you can see it is not all jam and Jerusalem. These are just a few of our activities over the year.

As I mentioned before – no politics, no religion, just friendship.


  • Ann Merrick

    My grandfather’s wife, May Jones, was President of Littleport Women’s Institute during the War years. I spent time with my grandfather, Owen Jones, who owned Heygates during this time and began my schooling at the Village school, my teacher was Miss Bishop.

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