Littleport Fundraiser for East Anglian Air Ambulance Takes Off!

Joolz Gordon tells us about her efforts to raise money for the EAAA in her own words:

“A few years ago I decided to start making greetings cards to sell, to raise funds for charity. I wanted to support a charity that not only helped people but had to be something to do with Aviation!

This was because my late dad was a pilot for over 40 years and I felt he would have liked the thought of supporting something close to us whilst helping others.

I am not an artistic person but decided I would give card making a go! I embarked on getting basic supplies – and was also given crafting goodies by a few local people to help.

I started making cards and just selling to friends and work colleagues, and my husband Michael took them into his workplace in London to sell too!

In that first year we managed to raise about £50 and the following year more cards were made, again just selling to friends and work colleagues.

So we were thinking, how can we expand this? I asked my local hair salon Ness & Emms if they would try selling a few cards! This went well so I asked another local hair salon Uppercutz, in Little Downham if they would take a box of cards to sell.

We contacted the EAAA and asked for their support with a collection bucket and banner so we could try doing a stall at a local supermarket! We approached the Co Op on Wisbech Road and we had a stall there in early December.

This was a hit! Our local community purchased cards or just made donations, so we thought we would ask Tesco in Ely if they would accommodate us for a day in December 2018.

It was so successful that we returned there again in December 2019.

We also held a stall at The Station Café, Littleport railway station and at Ely railway station too.

All the events since the beginning have been very worthwhile and total raised to date is £1.934.87!

This year has been a little different, what with lockdown restrictions etc., but we have still been making cards along with the fantastic help of Theresa Goodwin who has also supported us in previous years with her beautiful card making talent!

Sadly, due to Covid, both events for selling Christmas Cards were cancelled.

So the plan is to concentrate on next year, carry on creating and will probably try and do a few stalls through the year, as well as next Christmas.

I am selling cards still if anyone is interested! But this will only be on a local delivery (social distance style) and all money from card sales will be going to EAAA.

If you want to buy cards, or make a small donation to EAAA, I have set up a donation page. It’s on my Facebook page, Joolz Gordon.

Thanks for your kind support.

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